Unashamed (or trying)

What with one thing and another, I have gained a significant amount of weight since marrying Luke.
And I don’t like it.
I don’t like how my body looks bigger.
Luke says I need to love my body.
Glennon says I need to love my body.
But I don’t.
I would probably body-hate my way into an eating disorder if my husband weren’t watching out for that.
I don’t love my body and I don’t even want to. I don’t even want to want to.
But even so, here is the skin I am in. And I’ve spent enough of my life feeling like I was a terrible person. I was raised with shame and I certainly don’t love that.
So even though I’m not ready to love my body, I’m ready to not be ashamed of it anymore.
Resolution, more full body pictures.

More demanding Luke to get a picture of me with the kids.


This is me. And I won’t live with shame anymore.


4 thoughts on “Unashamed (or trying)

  1. erinrebecca

    First, I love your hair! Purple is definitely your color.

    Second, I hear you about gaining weight. I gained almost one hundred pounds over the course of two years while I was severely depressed. It was miserable and confusing and weird. But I think learning to love and accept your body is part of learning to love and accept yourself, especially for those of us raised with a lot of shame about who we are. It’s hard to take care of something you don’t value.

  2. Daisy Dial

    Yet another issue i am happy to see you tackling at such a young age. I have always hated my body, and worse, felt like if I were thin all my problems would go away because I would like myself, and then others would too. In reality the people that love me, love me, period. I am trying to get to a point where I love myself without condition, and am hoping that once I can, I will want to feel better, healthier & have more energy. We live in a “judged by our looks” kind of society, and it is just plain wrong. PS I think you look marvelous, and your kids are adorable!

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