a letter to friends who have found their way here

Dear Friends;

Well, here’s my new blog. I guess you found it 🙂 I haven’t shared it with you because I haven’t felt ready to deal with other people’s feelings about my beliefs. I haven’t felt safe enough to do it.
Some of you won’t care what I say, but to others some of this will come as an unpleasant surprise, I am afraid. I’m not sorry for who I am or what I do and don’t believe, but I am sorry if I cause pain.

Please know that my decisions and life are mine, and are in no way aimed at any of you.

I know that with our magazine Call to Battle, my test scores and scholarships, and my courtship with Luke, I was almost a poster child for homeschooling and everything else that BELIEVERS stood for.

But I don’t believe much of it any more.

I’ve changed a lot in the time I’ve been mostly silent on Facebook. I feel like it’s been a lifetime ago. It’s been a long period of studying and seeking, but I feel some freedom in the uncertainty and in being outside the church.

In one sense, I’m still the same person. I still advocate for goodness and truth, but my ideas of what those are have changed.

I identify as an post-Christian agnostic seeker(edit, 4/17/14 I now identify as an agnostic atheist).

I am sorry I ever pushed others into things like courtship and modesty – those teachings negatively affected and burdened my own life and I am sorry to have spread the burdens. I recant those beliefs and I’m sorry to the people I hurt.

My mission is to be kind, seek truth, speak against injustice, and live my life.

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