guest posts I’ve done

Here are some other places you can find my writings on the web, to be updated as I write more guest posts.

On Defeating the Dragons: Learning the Words — Christian

in which i describe my wrestlings with the term “christian” and my annoyance at the ‘no true scotsman’ fallacy so often used by Christians.

on Ramblings of Sheldon: Life is like Planning a Trip Across Antarctica

in which i talk about life with mental illness, and describe some of the problems at the church Luke and I went to.

On Homeschoolers Anonymous: Sometimes I am Afraid of Myself

A freestyle poem about self-harm and how it haunts me when i think i’m fine.

I have a voice – the Year I Played Jesus’ Wife
a contribution to profligate truth’s  I Have A Voice series, about the time my husband played Jesus in the Easter Program at his childhood church, and i played the wife with no identity of her own.


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