About Lana

I’m an aspiring writer and a former religious fundamentalist. I currently identify as post-Christian.  I’m also recently diagnosed bipolar 2.
I write about lots of things, things that make me sad, happy, angry, or just thoughtful. whatever, really.
I’m finding my voice, and writing is my biggest therapy.

 (I’m still finding my blogging rhythm. i’ll try to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, with extras like reposts in between, but my writing might be all over the place. Bear with me, I’m not quite sure who i am yet. If you think you know who I am, keep it a secret; i’d like to find it out for myself.)

Feel free to come read, think, and respond. I’ll be happy to get to know you. Assuming you’re friendly, of course.

Some things about me:

I am married to my high school best friend.
We have two little boys.
I’m a big fan of the new Doctor Who, along with my husband, Luke and our sons, especially the 2 year old.
I love fairy tales and books about magic –  as a grown up I finally read Harry Potter and became an instant fan.
I was homeschooled in junior high and highschool.
I have seven siblings. 4 husband siblings, and 2 other sisters in law. If just my and my husband’s families all got together, there would be 21 of us. We have big birthday parties.
I have an AA degree, with most of my classes in Rhetoric and Writing.

I’m not sure I’m brave enough to blog.
There’s a part of me – very large but getting smaller – that would rather be liked than be myself.

That’s why I have to be brave.

11 thoughts on “About Lana

  1. Naomi

    Hi, Lana! I found your blog via your comment at No Longer Qivering and am adding it to my reader. I was raised Amish Mennonite along with a lot of fundamentalist/homeschooling/IBLP/quiverful influences as well. I’ve been out for about 15 years, but I am still finding my voice too. 🙂 Also wanted to mention your interest in Rhetoric and Writing–that’s my specialty as well! Any plans to continue your education?

    1. lanamhobbs Post author

      Hi, thanks for visiting, Naomi!
      You’re in Rhetoric and Writing? Cool, are you in college right now?

      Thanks for asking about my education – I am thinking about picking up where I left off and finishing my bachelors degree as I originally planned before dropping out due to health problems (and probably undiagnosed depression) that stress made much worse… but to be honest, whenever I think of going back, I feel the stress all over again. I’m learning to handle pressure, stress, and depression in healthier ways but I’m not quite ready. Plus I now have a toddler and a preschooler, and no money saved up for school 🙂 Hoping to save up some money and start at it again later. In the meantime I study lots of things on my own. Planning to blog about my ‘study plan’ soon! Although i’d love to finish my writing degree, I still enjoy learning and writing.

  2. naomiclark

    Yes, I’m actually in grad school–about 13 months away from graduating with a PhD. We have two young children as well (4 years and 8 months) so I know how tough it can be to combine parenting and school.

    Sorry to hear about your health issues, but I’m so inspired that you’re still continuing to read and write–about Nietzsche of all people! It’s so rare–but totally awesome!–for someone to do that kind of reading outside of a formal academic setting. I wish you well on your path of healing; reading and writing can be very helpful with that as I’m sure you know. And college will always be there. When the time is right, you’ll know. In the meanwhile, I’m looking forward to reading about your study plan! 🙂

    1. lanamhobbs Post author

      A phd with two kids, wow! I’ve actually never had to combine parenting and school, so I’m a bit nervous about that. I have a friend who is finishing an english degree while homeschooling one of her kids – at one point she was homeschooling two, and she inspires me so much – she’ll be graduating this year!
      Lol is it strange to read about Nietzsche outside of school? I was homeschooled so I don’t know much of what is normal reading 😉 I just read what I like and I love learning and reading. Always have, before, during, and after homeschooling. I’m used to teaching myself too, because that’s what I did most of my homeschooling years.
      If I’m curious about something I try to learn about it. And I’m curious about a lot. I guess I collect knowledge 😀

    1. lanamhobbs Post author

      Haha! Actually, it’s neither. My parents intended it to rhyme with ‘Hannah’ (and banana, for which there is a handy rhyming song… Ugh.) I hardly correct anyone anymore if they say ‘lah-nuh’; that’s the most common guess. Most people ask though 🙂 and you?

  3. Sheldon

    Hey, it’s Sheldon from Ramblings of Sheldon here. I can’t find an e-mail address, or I would have sent you an e-mail.

    I like your perspective, especially your openness about being bipolar. As someone who has had depression most of my life, and is possibly autistic as well, it means a lot. I was wondering if you would ever like to write a guest post, or do a Q&A interview for my blog.

    If you are, let me know at ramblingsofsheldon@gmail.com

    1. lanamhobbs Post author

      Hey, it’s the infamous sheldon cooper! i’ve seen you around the internet 🙂
      Oh, email, that’s never occured to me, i’ll make an email link, but in the meantime, i’ll email you.

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