Series and some favorite posts

mental health series:

If you’re having trouble because of the stigma against seeking help for mental illness, then I hope that sharing my journey will help you reach a place where you are also able to seek help, or that it will at least be another voice saying ‘you are not alone – we are here’. The more voices there are, the more chance we have of breaking through the clouds.

Teen Zealots:

intro and a call for guest posts (still open, btw)
Lana, who used to be perfect last Sunday
Crosspost: The One Thing I Can’t Write About from Kathryn Elizabeth
Confessions of a Wannabe Rebelutionary by Christopher Hutton 

Some key posts around here

What I believe:
Twenty-Five on my twenty birthday, i gave myself space to question
What it’s like leaving Christianity I left the religion, when no ‘true believer’ ever would. And it’s hard.

Luke’s favorite post of mine
The Risk of Vulnerability my struggles with being known, and the fear that being known means being hated

Some of my favorite posts of mine
If you want to raise an army a freestyle poem about brave ‘warriors’ who left the fundamentalist christian movement
On reading Nietzsche, and becoming a heretic to myself i am finally ready to read and let words wash over me, unjudged until I have had time to digest them
When Your Inner Editor is Actually an Abuser I did Nanowrimo and learned that my inner editor was actually verbally abusive
Yes, I’m Am my son will grow up with so many affirmations and so much verbal love
When you can’t keep running, keep breathing. musings on the aftermath of the boston marathon bombing
The Young Woman and the Sea a poetic essay about my love of books and the ocean, and how sometimes water and minds don’t flow the way we thought they would.

The Exchange a speculative fiction short story about a man who goes to The Exchange to change his life, but at a cost. Can his wife get her husband back? – just a draft and the only fiction on the blog to date.

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