just a little update

So i said awhile ago that big depression is back.

Well I am happy to report that I have switched antidepressants from the one that seemed to make me worse. And after a week and a half on my new antidepressant, my brain is really coming back. I can concentrate again; I can write, and I’ve had a really hard time writing recently.

I’m so happy that my brain seems to be returning to a healthier state. I would broadcast my meds here but everyone’s brain is different and what’s my cure might make you worse. Just know that if your first med doesn’t work (or second or third), there’s still hope something will help you.
I’m just tickled to have so much of my mind back!

I’m still working through mental and emotional issues by basically trying to tell the truth to myself, and that’s slow going but with the help of medicines (to help reduce the fog in my brain) and Luke, I think that soon i will start to notice a big difference.
Luke says he thinks i’m already a lot better.
Due to the nature of the illness, it is almost certain I will relapse into serious depression again, but for today i am enjoying the ability to enjoy myself 😀

2 thoughts on “just a little update

  1. Sheldon

    Good to know, depression isn’t the same for everyone, and sometimes it’s hard to find what works.

    For me, it’s been Cymbalta, and adopting a big horse of a dog. 🙂


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