Summer Update

It’s rainy outside today, it almost feels like summer hasn’t started yet, but in reality summer is nearly over.

Summer Mother’s Day Out comes to an end today. When they restart in the fall semester, I’ll have already been back to school for a week, and the boys will be in new classrooms with new teachers.
It’s been a good experience; one that the boys have really enjoyed. Kieron has loved all the craft making and often can’t wait to show off his craft and take a picture to text to Grandma. Aiden has learned to write his name and numbers and many letters (he already could write some, but this is a huge improvement!)
The time to play with other kids regularly has been really good for them too. I’m looking forward to the fall, when Aiden will have his fifth birthday party (Zelda themed) and invite all his class 🙂

The boys come home regularly with coloring sheets of Bible stories, but the teachers don’t seem to have done much indoctrinating, it seems like it’s mostly story telling.

I’ve conquered my fear of driving enough to take the kids and pick them up twice a week, and it’s gotten a little easier. 

This coming semester, i’ll be driving myself to class after dropping the boys off; the crowded parking lots will add an extra layer of difficulty and stress, but i’m confident i can get used to that as well. I’ve done it before.  


I’ve done a lot of looking inward and questioning my career trajectory this summer. My failure at blogging regularly has me rethinking my writing degree. I’ve decided to take a programming class, just to see if I like it. That makes three classes for the fall, the most I’ve done since coming back to school. I’m a bit nervous. I’m shopping for a new book bag to ease my stress 😉 i’m thinking something black, brown, or neutral, and preferably with a vintage look.

I’ve read some more of “Raising Freethinkers”. So far, I like it, and I think it’ll be really helpful. However, it’s arranged as a bunch of questions and answers, making it a difficult book to read straight through because of lack of flow. The organization should make it easy to find a section when i have a specific question i want to revisit, though.


I’m getting a lot more time with adults lately. I took a non-credit Harry Potter class earlier this summer, and had a lot of fun learning about novels in general and Harry Potter specifically. Then i got invited to join a group that will meet once a month to go through the books. At the first meeting, the woman who organized it brought butterscotch ‘beer’ for everyone. I had fun.

I’ve also joined a book club. In August, we’ll meet to discuss ‘Summer House with Swimming Pool’ by Herman Koch. I didn’t really enjoy it, but I do have a lot of thoughts about it.

My reading challenge has really faltered, but I’ve read some good books this year anyways. 

I had a summer bucket list, and we’ve done almost everything on it by now.

My goals for the rest of the summer are:

Finish Raising Freethinkers

Finish my Celtic Myths and Legends book

Go to the drive in theater (if anything decent is showing)

swim a lot more

reread the Harry Potter books

Take the boys to Silver Dollar City

meet with some people to see about restarting the SSA at my university.

… and that’s about all i can think of 🙂


How has your summer been?

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