Review of Bang! How We Came to Be

I recently ordered Bang! How We Came to Be by Michael Rubino. When it arrived, my four and a half year old son was curious and wanted to read it as soon as it was unboxed.Bang

I enjoyed the writing, and found the book very informative, at least as a good jumping off point for learning more about evolution. My son listened attentively and we both liked the beautiful pictures.

He asked several questions while we were reading. One was ‘what is that’ (in the picture) and unfortunately, the book does not give names for the creatures along our evolutionary timeline. That was a disappointment, as I do not know how to go about finding the names for each of these developments myself.

Another question my son asked was ‘does it choose what it becomes’. I was able to tell him a little about natural selection, but the book didn’t really go into how the process of evolution worked. We’ll need another book to do that. I can’t really complain though, this book was very full of information and too much more would have made it too long to be a read aloud.

I learned a lot about evolution from this book (I was taught creationism in junior high and highschool, so i have a lot to learn), so i really enjoyed that.

We are big fans of the television show ‘Dinosaur Train’ so our favorite page was the one with sketches of various dinosaurs. We also stopped as we read to compare features of the creature with dinosaurs we have heard of. I wish I knew even more science, so I could make reading this book a more enriching experience .

Bang!, despite it’s few shortcomings, was an excellent conversation starter and I imagine we will read it many more times.

I definitely recommend it for age 4 1/2 and up, if you have a good listener.


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