random things about me

Here is a random list of things you might not know about me:
Researching whatever I want is my fave hobby.
My name means light and fair one. It is supposed to rhyme with ‘Hannah’.
I make really good sourdough bread from a French sourdough starter (that I bought online).
I love old traditions.
My favorite decorating color is deep red.
My favorite RomComs are While You Were Sleeping, and Silver Linings Playbook.
I named Aiden after a Rich Mullins song ‘Let Mercy Lead’.
Folk Rock like Rich Mullins is my favorite kind of music.
I played bass violin in grade school.
I am teaching myself guitar.
I once made a pact with a friend to never wear makeup. I was 8. I broke it.
I love mythology and fantasy.
I’m allergic to dairy and many tree nuts. But not to peanuts.
I love fruit except bananas and papaya. And kiwi. Yucky.
I’ve eaten fresh picked bananas and still hated them.
My husband loves mountains and I love the water. If we had to pick elements I’d be water, Luke would be earth, Aiden would be fire, and I’m not sure about Kieron.
I dream of going to New England and eating clam chowder even though I don’t eat seafood or dairy.
My favorite foods currently are Whoppers, corn dogs, and grilled chicken.
I want to live on the east coast, where I could day trip to New York or DC, or any of a hundred historic sites.
I was born in Germany when my dad was in the military.
My first memory was in Germany. I was one year old, playing in a kiddy pool, looking at the mountains. When I remember it, I feel wistful.

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