birthday presents – and just a happy day today

Packages are arriving in the mail, brown truck, brown boxes – what’s inside? Aiden always says ‘surprises!’ but this time, he’s right.
Usually I do the ordering  – frequently health food or some informative book, sometimes toys.
But i didn’t order any of these!

They are presents, one each for two different brothers in law, birthdays long past but my husband procrastinated, and one for my father in law, and then everything else for me!

There is a small rectangular box, a wide, short square, and a very long rectangle. It can’t be a book, so it puzzles me. I know it’s mine, though. I try to catch Luke off guard, see if he’ll spill any secrets. I act craftily: “Heywhat’sthat!”
It’s the very subtle, get-a-fast-answer ploy. For reasons i do not understand, it never works on him. Brain of steel, that man. He NEVER spills secrets, which is why i have so much fun trying to tease them out of him. Nowadays, he does give spoilers for books though. He understands i can enjoy a book better if i’m not constantly worrying my favorite characters will die. It’s a weird paranoia i have. I blame Louisa May Alcott. Oh, Beth….

I don’t think my husband would forget my birthday, but he might forget to order presents in time for shipping, so i have been reminding him since the month began. He doesn’t mind; I always do this. It would be silly for me to leave him to remember himself and then get mad that he forgot, like people always seem to be doing in movies and books.

All these boxes containing books and who-knows-what-else, for ME!
Also we went to the bookstore and Luke helped Aiden pick out a book (“Shhhhh mom, we got a book for you, it’s a surprise, don’t tell, shhhhhh”)
It is almost my birthday – monday is the day – and these mysterious boxes are getting me so excited!
For added fun, the little train at the local park will be open for rides for the spring, starting on my birthday! We are going to have a picnic there and ride the train. Now Aiden is even more excited for my birthday.
I have all the ingredients to make a dairy free chocolate french silk pie. We’ll probably eat out all meals.
Tomorrow night we’ll celebrate with Luke’s family, his dad’s birthday and mine. I hope Momma Susie makes cake and strawberries again. I think she has for 5 years now.
I will be 25, but when it comes to my birthday, i feel like a kid.
The garden is growing, packages are arriving, the train will be running, birds are nesting, the sun is shining. Last night, i felt sad. Today, I feel pretty happy.

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