Christianity Today: Take down that post

Christianity Today recently ran a piece by a rapist youth pastor about how he went from being an esteemed leader to a convicted sex offender in prison.

I haven’t got very much to say about it, other than that I am appalled that Christianity Today and Leadership Journal would give a platform to an obviously unrepentant rapist, who seems to be only upset that he got caught. (he does add in a note at the end that he knows it was rape, but throughout the piece he referred to it as a ‘relationship’, which is disgusting and further harms the girl that he took advantage of.)

I think they should take it down with an apology to victims of sexual abuse everywhere, who may have been harmed by this post.


Here are some good posts I have seen on the issue, and I hope that those responsible for letting this piece get published read them:

On How the Church Discusses Abuse: Denying the Endorsement

A good summary of the post and it’s problems, along with a take-down of the note the author added to the end, after the uproar started.

Why Did a Journal for Christian Pastors Give a Platform to a Sexual Predator?

Includes a brief twitter interchange with (I think) one of the people responsible for publishing this piece.

There Are Some Skeletons that Should Stay in the Closet

“That Leadership Journal chose to share this man’s story is despicable.

He speaks with no humility. No horror. When one thinks of these sins the correct reaction is not to proudly wave them around like a great story of evil and God’s redemption. The correct reaction is horror, perhaps even a little self hatred, and continued dependence on God’s Amazing Grace and Love. The correct reaction is not to take your victim’s story and use it to make yourself look good, or to pretend others have the same capacity of evil as you and that makes you not that bad.”

Because It’s Time to Take Down That Post

a letter to the people who published the post:

“Do you get that he is in jail FOR A REASON? Do you even understand what a horror it is that you let her abuser go on and on and on for pages and pages talking like this was an adult consensual affair, when she was obviously young enough that it LANDED HIM IN JAIL? Do you have any inkling of what he’s done to her and her life and her self-esteem and her sexuality and her emotional health and her spiritual health and everything about her not just for right now but for years to come?

He has taken something from her, and that’s why this is a crime, and I’m not just talking about virginity. If you don’t understand this, I beg you to start listening to the people who do. I beg you to set your egos and need to defend aside and start listening to the people who do.”



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