Sexism at my University: Math for Girls vs. Math for Boys

So I was looking at summer lifelong learning classes at my local university. I noticed they had some kids’ classes and decided to look through in case they had anything for little kids.

These were the first two listed:


Two different math classes. One for girls, and one for boys.

The girls get ‘how to survive’ and the boys get ‘rocket science’, perpetuating the harmful stereotype that girls are not good at math. And the girls will pick up on language like ‘survive’.

Why couldn’t both classes be geared at making math fun, rather than one apparently being geared at people you already assume dislike the subject and are untalented at it.

Why make them gender segregated at all? Is it because girls ‘don’t like rocket science’?

I am convinced the only reason more girls don’t want to be rocket scientists is because they’re told they won’t like it and won’t be good at it. And for the record, the boys’ class sounds way cooler.

Let’s do better.


3 thoughts on “Sexism at my University: Math for Girls vs. Math for Boys

  1. delagar

    I’m also annoyed that the classes are sex-segregated. Further, what will happen — if past years are anything to go by — is that not enough girls will enroll, so the girls’ section will be cancelled. Only the boys’ section will run.

    Separate is not equal.


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