vegan snickers ice cream bar recipe, with vegan agave nectar caramel

Hi all! sorry for my absence. I’m here, doing okay.

Some updates:
I’m behind on my reading plan.
I am have an appointment with a new psychologist scheduled.  Been a bit depressed lately, and having a hard time writing.
my boys are enrolled in summertime Mother’s Day Out, to begin in late June.
And relevant to the main point of the post, I’ve been sneaking a bit of dairy here and there more often, and having more stomach aches and headaches, probably related to that.

So in the interest of eating less dairy, I decided to convert a favorite snack to a homemade, dairy free version.

you will need 1 recipe of Peanut Butter Ice cream, a handful or two of chopped roasted peanuts, 1 cup caramel (recipe included in this post), and homemade chocolate magic shell or other chocolate. (almond bark may work, but it’s not vegan)

First, the peanut butter ice cream:

Whisk together for a couple minutes:
1 can of coconut milk, whole fat
1/3 cup Xylitol (or sugar, but xylitol is lower carb and for some reason, seems to make really soft, fluffy ice cream)
about 3/4 cup of peanut butter
1 Tablespoon vanilla

freeze in your ice cream freezer (if you don’t have one, you MIGHT get away with pouring it into a wax paper lined 8X8 pan and freezing, but it will probably not be as good. i haven’t tried this, but i’ve seen ice cream recipes that do that.)

line a 8X8 pan with wax paper, then spread the finished ice cream in it.

cover the ice cream with chopped roasted peanuts (i bought them pre-roasted and chopped them a little)

then cover with (cooled) caramel sauce (i used about a cup, i think). and place in freezer to harden

Vegan Agave Caramel Sauce

in a medium sauce pan, combine approx:
1 1/2 C. agave nectar 
1/2-2/3 C. coconut milk (be sure to stir can first since the milk separates)
1 TBS coconut oil (omit if you don’t have it)
a pinch of sea salt

cook over medium/high heat, bring to ‘boil’. Cook until thickened – the original recipe said 10 min, but for me it was closer to 20 min until it thickened enough (it does thicken as it cools though).
If it is not thick enough, cook longer.
If it is too thick, add more coconut milk (you could probably add water too) and return to boil until new liquid is incorporated. (NOTE, for the snickers ice cream bar recipe, you want it relatively thin)

now for the magic shell. I used this recipe, to make it dairy free, but i thought it was a little bitter. If i had vegan chocolate (or didn’t care about it being vegan), i would make this recipe instead, as it sounds better.
After letting the ice cream (with peanuts and caramel on top) harden for a few hours, (the caramel might not harden, but the ice cream should be firm enough to cut)
cut it into rectangles or squares, or whatever.
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then you can dip it in the magic shell. I made one recipe of magic shell – about 1 cup – and found it only covered half the ice cream bars. I didn’t have enough coconut oil to make more. So you’ll need about two cups of chocolate/magic shell to cover it all.
of course, the ice cream caramel concoction is good plain, eaten with a spoon 😀
once the bars are covered in chocolate (you may need to rewarm the chocolate a few times), put them in the freezer to re-harden. Then enjoy!
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