“Doubts are the Devil whispering in your ear,” she told him, when he wanted to know how he could be sure that the Gospel was true. “I have doubts too, you just have to tell the devil to go away.”

He was just a little boy. I wasn’t there, I only heard about it after, when she bragged about it online – just doing the Lord’s work. And sometimes it seems that the Lord does want you to believe blindly – Jesus chastized Thomas for wanting to put his fingers in the nail holes in his hands before he’d believe. Jesus seemed upset that Thomas ‘only’ believed after seeing. But why should he have believed what was highly improbable, without evidence? I’m sure he wanted it to be true, but he knew that didn’t make it true.

Elsewhere in the Bible, however, such as in the story of the paralyzed man who was lowered into a building through the roof, Jesus DID offer evidence to believe in him. He healed the man to prove that he had power to forgive sins. So even Jesus doesn’t expect everyone to believe in him without reason all the time. I think we owe it to ourselves to know why we believe what we believe.

I wish I could tell the little boy, doubts mean your brain is working. Doubts mean you are thinking critically. Doubts mean you are less likely to be taken in by lies and ‘vain philosophies’.
Always listen to your doubts. Investigate them. To listen without doubting is to risk wasting your life on something that isn’t true.

To push away doubts un-investigated is to be willfully blind. If something is true, won’t it stand up to scrutiny?

Treasure your doubts, treasure your ability to reason things out for yourself.

Doubt away little boy – figure out the truth for yourself. Don’t believe something just because a grown up tells it to you.
Read a lot of books, look at a lot of evidence, and never ever stop asking questions.


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