God’s Not Dead – a roundup of posts

I have not yet seen God’s Not Dead, but I have read many posts about it, and wanted to pass some of them on.

How ‘God’s Not Dead’ Gets Nietzsche Wrong – by Justin Hanvey. an explanation of what Nietzsche actually meant when he wrote ‘God is Dead’. As many people have been posting ‘God’s Not Dead’ on facebook lately, I have been greatly annoyed that none of them seem to understand the quote they’re playing off of.

A review by Christopher Hutton – God’s Not Dead (but this film may be close to it) – there are spoilers aplenty in this detailed review of the movie.

And finally, Dan Fincke at Camels with Hammers wrote one post about the movie based on the trailer, and 3 more after it came out. I love his thoughts on the movie because he is a deconverted christian and a real life atheist philosophy professor.

The Atheist Philosophy Professor Strikes Back! (Or, “You’re Right, God’s Not Dead, But He Will Be When I’m Done With Him!”) – in which Dan surmises the plot of the movie from the trailer, and criticizes the old trope of the brave student speaking against the evil atheist philosophy professor.

How “God’s Not Dead” Makes Christians Look Even Worse Than It Makes Atheists Look in which Dan writes his first thoughts on the movie, and on how inhuman it makes some christians look.

A Philosophy Professor Analyzes God’s Not Dead’s Case For God – this is the one I wish I could share with all the christians who liked this movie. in this post, Dan does so much more than analyzes the case for God, he analyzes most of the movie, including it’s portrayal of all non-christians, and he makes the case that the filmmakers have some massive logs in their eyes. This is very long but worth a read.

Final Thoughts Inspired by “God’s Not Dead”: What Makes Some Evangelicals So Intolerable – and in his final post inspired by the movie, Dan delivers a hard hitting demand that Christians have good reasons for their beliefs, and not depend on sincerity to be enough to save them from criticism.

Have you seen other informative or thoughtful posts about God’s Not dead? have you written about it? If so, please share in the comments below


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