Spring Equinox Celebration – The Wheel of the Year

We’re having a meal of potato wedges, baked scotch eggs (and meatballs with the leftover sausage), salad, and green beans. I made these bird nest treats, and the boys will help by putting in the malted milk eggs. We’ve already colored eggs and made lavender sugar cookies this week. I’m looking forward to our simple celebration.

I wrote short secular meditation for the spring equinox, for reading to our children.

Today we celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Winter isn’t completely over, and spring has already started to come, but this is the day that sets a line between the two. the days started getting longer after the first of winter, but today the sun crossed the equator, the exact midway point of its yearly journey through the sky.

From now until fall, days will be longer than nights, and the extra light from the sun will bring life back into the world. Soon strawberries will grow and we will plant our garden.

We planted a tree last week, and trees help the earth to heal and renew the oxygen in the air. The trees will also bless us with fruits in a few years. As we take care of the earth and our garden, the earth will take care of us.

Today, we eat eggs and vegetables and we remember all the people who have worked in farms and factories and stores to bring food to our table. We thank daddy, who works hard to make money to buy food, and we thank mommy, who cooked the food.

Like people have done for thousands of years, we celebrate the spring equinox with symbols of life, eggs, and we remember that no matter how dark or dead the world seems, the wheel of the year will always bring life back into the world.


One thought on “Spring Equinox Celebration – The Wheel of the Year

  1. Lana

    It’s getting light almost four hours later than it did two months ago (since I live in Canada, it’s dark in the afternoon in the winter). Yay!


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