Deconstructed (a poem)

I read this poem tonight at the open mic at the library. A lady came up to me afterwards and said it looked like i was finding healing as I was reading. I can’t see how she could notice anything over all the shaking I was doing 😉 but I think she was right. 


I stand before you,


like a frightened child.


With a few words, a few glances,

you tear down the dignity i have carefully constructed.

You tear me down.


You always perform this deconstruction

you strip me bare.


And i stand meekly, like you taught me

like you always wanted

the perfect, obedient lamb,

while you tear me apart.


But you tear too deep.

Something inside me snaps,

snaps me out of the trance.


i feel five, but i am twenty five

and my soul is ancient

and my soul screams at you, “No!”

“No,” my throat squeaks out.

But when did you ever listen to a child?


So i speak to you the only way i can.

With silence.


you finally hear my silence

as i walk away.


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