Thoughts on Thor: The Dark World (SPOILERS)

My in-laws kept the kids Thursday night, so after Luke and I did a little shopping, we went to see the new Thor movie.
I’m not really going to review it, just gonna spew out a few rambling thoughts.

Spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you haven’t seen it yet.

First off, I enjoyed the movie. Christopher Eccleston was awesome, and of course Loki was his normal amazing self. Thor is probably my favorite Avenger, so it was fun to see him again.

There was a Captain America cameo that had me rolling.

But there were some problematic things. I didn’t like how Jane was knocked out during the crucial scene with the Aether and Malekith, leaving teh menz to take the stage. I can see why they did it, but it seemed sexist. But hey, at least she had a fairly important role in the final fight scene, switching everything around (that was really confusing), although Thor got her moment of glory with Malekith.

I liked how Freida fought to keep Malekith from getting the Aether, but didn’t like how they used her death more to motivate Loki, than to portray her as a hero willing to die for her world, and even the universe.

The villain’s motive in the beginning was just to make the world dark again. I really had to suspend my disbelief to accept that as a motive. Although later he was motivated by revenge as well as the desire for darkness, he still didn’t seem very fleshed out.

Two characters got their bodies changed in uncontrollable ways, (referring to the Aether and to becoming the Kursed) and they were a woman and a black man. When the (white man/elf) Malekith took the Aether, he could control it. I mean, i get that he’s the villain and knows how to wield the power, but to have the woman inhabited by something else seems like the oldest trope in the universe.

I don’t have much to say about Darcy except that she was funny.

The whole thing held up as an action packed blockbuster, although I wouldn’t call it a great film. It didn’t really provoke a lot of questions, or try to make a complex statement about the world, It didn’t even have an original plot; it was basically the plot of the Avengers, reheated.

So basically, it was a fun ride and I enjoyed watching it, although it did spark a lot of thought and discussion about sexism and racism – and not because of positive things in the movie.

Relevant to this discussion, and in case it’s never floated across your part of the internet, here’s an excellent article about enjoying problematic things:

So, have you watched Thor: The Dark World?
What did you think about it?

1 thought on “Thoughts on Thor: The Dark World (SPOILERS)

  1. Kate

    I really liked Thor 2, though I didn’t really pick up on the same sexist lines that you did. But I’m glad you pointed them out. I hope they do make a whole movie with the Black Widow kicking ass. (there was rumor about that, don’t know if it’s true) 😉


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