Tomatoes and The Hunt for Truth: How I Became a Freethinker

People always wanna know how I became an agnostic Freethinker, whether they are atheist friends asking how i escaped or Christian friends asking what the heck happened to me.
R.L. Stollar asked me to guest post about being a Freethinker.
This is my story. Or at least, a shortened, manageable version of it.

P.S. when I mention that some friends have selective amnesia, I neglected to mention that other friends still love me just the same. To those friends I say: Thanks.

R.L. Stollar

Lana Hobbs blogs at Lana Hobbs the Brave, where she wrote an absolutely stunning series on her fight to overcome the stigma of talking about mental illness. Lana describes herself as a “post-Christian” — which is interesting, because somedays I describe myself in the same way. There is something about growing up in the fundamentalist circus act that is the Religious Right that makes Christianity taste bitter. When you separate from that world, whether you separate to find the “real” Jesus or decide religion of any sort just isn’t for you, there is often this need to keep Christianity at arm’s length. There is also this fascinating sense of community, an intersectional sense of community, emerging from the ashes of our childhood fundamentalism. We are all putting our pieces back together, in public and on blogs, so we are learning together how to respect one another’s journeys. Lana’s voice…

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