the devil’s in the doubts

A little boy heard the gospel, but just wasn’t sure about it. A well-intending woman, eager for him to ‘come to the truth’ told him that doubts were just the devil whispering in his ear, that she sometimes had doubts but she just told the devil to get lost.

She shut off his seeking, by telling him his questions were wrong.

Questioning is frowned on. Ask, but make sure the answers lead you to what we have already told you is the truth. That’s the only questioning that is accepted. 

Dan Pearce has a good post up about asking versus questioning, and how sometimes there isn’t truth.

“I’d rather believe that where truth doesn’t exist, I won’t find it, than to believe that where truth doesn’t exist, I will only be deceived should I choose to look.

I’d rather die knowing that I searched with everything inside of me for truth than to die knowing that I searched for only that which I was told I should search for.

And, more than anything, I’d rather live knowing that truth was a beautiful thing worth seeking, and not something to fear or force myself into.

If I question everything and seek honest truth, and still I am deceived and tricked by unknown forces into a life ill-spent, then I have to believe that the system is upside down anyway. And if the system is that upside down, I don’t really want a part of it at all.

That is a truth I can honestly believe.”


3 thoughts on “the devil’s in the doubts

  1. Daisy Dial

    I was brought up as a Mormon. I remember asking several different “leaders” why black people could not hold the Priesthood. They all spouted off the same Caine & Abel “proof” where Caine was cursed with dark skin, thus all people with dark skin are cursed. Don’t get me wrong, they would say, we love everyone, but it is just the way it is. Years later “God revealed to the ‘Mormon Prophet’ that the ban should be lifted.

    My point is, each time I asked about it, I ended up feeling unworthy for even asking.

    1. lanamhobbs Post author

      I would wonder how a good god could send most everyone to hell and got told that when the disciples heard a hard message they said ‘you have the words of life, to who else could we go’. Like doubting was just not okay unless you used that doubt to strengthen your faith by believing despite reason.

  2. Gakeat

    This is one area why I think that Progressive Christians are less likely to become any form of non theism than Conservative Christians, for they consider doubt a good thing. I know that for me, if I were raised liberal, I would be a liberal Christian all the way. But since doubt was considered a bad thing in the conservative mainline Church I was raised in, I am drawn as much to non theism than to Progressive Christianity.


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