A loner finds a group of friends

I think I’m making new friends. I’ve never been great with friends. In grade school I has a difficult time adjusting to moving to a new town, and I never had many friends. In homeschool I had friends based on whoever was closest to my age in the families my family was friends with but made few friends on my own.
Until recently. One day I was feeling estranged from the world and looked up ‘atheist meetup’ and my town name, on the off chance that there was some sort of local secular group in our small, ultra conservative city.
To my surprise there was a Freethinker group. And they welcomed this awkward newcomer into both the online circle and the twice monthly meet ups.
They don’t understand my ultra conservative back ground but they’re interested in listening about it, and I’m interested in learning more about all of them.
I like the people and I like talking about things with them. I like that they don’t judge me for a difference of opinion. I feel accepted. And I accept them too, although it still sometimes hits me that a year ago I would have been terrified of being led astray by these heathens. A lot can change in a year.
I’m an extreme introvert but I’d give up a book at home for conversation at the bowling alley.
I guess I am making friends.


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