a note from the campus library

Seven years ago or so, when i was in college, I saw a friend’s mom in the campus library. A homeschooling mother, in the campus library.

What a bizarre thing.

I was worried about her, worried what was wrong in her life that she would resort to going back to school. Seeking a degree seemed like a drastic measure. It’s not the sort of thing moms in my circle did. Had her husband died or something?

It turned out, she was just in school. Getting a degree. A mom, in college. still a mom, but still herself, and after years she was going back to school. I was intrigued and impressed.

I ended up getting to help her with a few of her classes, logic and spanish. It was hard work, going to school while homeschooling, but she did it.

She graduated this spring, and I cheered loudly from the stands; I was so proud of her.

And now here I am, typing this on a monday night after class, from the library computer. When I quit, I never thought I’d get the chance to come back, but I did. I made the chance, and thanks to a pell grant, I can do this.

Just one class for now, but I am enjoying it and I am planning to continue. I already have 5 full semesters, so going part time i might graduate in 4 or 5 years. It’s great to be back on campus, working towards a degree again. I feel like myself.

I might need my friend’s help with writing stuff on this long journey towards my Media Communications degree. and maybe in several years, she’ll sit in the basketball arena and cheer for me.

thanks for the inspiration, Mrs. S! 


7 thoughts on “a note from the campus library

  1. Amy

    Awesome! I took a break from school when I had my first kiddo, then again when I had my second. I finished my degree when my younger one was 3–and my husband & kids were there to cheer me on. Hard work, but so worth it! If you ever need proofreading, let me know. I make a pretty good grammar cop. LOL!

  2. Shawna

    Okay, You made me cry! Love you! Thanks for your help! You have always been so encouraging, especially when I needed help and felt like it was all a bit beyond me.


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