FYI – a letter to my sons

(there’s a ‘lovely’ shaming and judgemental FYI post directed to teenage girls that has gone viral. Here’s a roundup of responses to it. I decided to add my meager thoughts)

Dear sons. you are only little, but we have a rule that will stand your whole life:

Aiden’s body is Aiden’s body. Kieron’s body is Kieron’s body. Mommy’s body is mommy’s body. Daddy’s body is daddy’s. Our neighbor “Lena’s” body is Lena’s.

You should expect people to respect your body, and if they don’t, you let us know.
And this is the way I expect you to always treat people, with respect for their bodies and their own selves.

Love, Mommy.

P.S. Permission granted for hug time.


2 thoughts on “FYI – a letter to my sons

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