I cried when two women kissed

Confession: despite being FOR marriage equality, I’m still homophobic deep inside. I was raised to think that homosexuality was an abomination. Even though I now believe that there’s nothing wrong with same-sex relationships, I have trouble getting it out of my head. I have trouble seeing the love between a man and a man as beautiful, whereas any heterosexual wedding kiss brings tears to my eyes – yes, see the love, love is beautiful!
But two women, and I have a learned response of discomfort. Until today. I looked at every single one of these pictures of 75 unforgettable moments from Minnesota’s first day of marriage equality, and then I cried.

I cried because I could finally see it for what it was. Love. And love is always beautiful, if you have the eyes to see it.
I was taught that homosexuality was never about love. Only lust. In fact, many things indicated that only straight, Christian, married couples could truly love through sex. with anyone else it must be about lust, just about the sexual aspect.

I think that’s homophobic, xenophobic, prideful hogwash. I think everyone can love.
And a couple who had been together for decades, unable to get married, putting up with society’s hatred, revulsion and fear, and still raising kids together, staying strong, staying together despite no legal requirement to do so – if that’s not love, I don’t know what is. Gay or straight, a relationship like that can’t be just about lust. There would have to be so much love there to make it. And when that couple can finally get married – well it’s about time.
Love and happiness are beautiful things.


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