Teen Zealots: Guest Post – Confessions of a Wannabe Rebelutionary

Todays post in the Teen Zealots series is from Chris Hutton. Chris is a writer and social media manager for Rivendell Sanctuary.   When he’s not dreaming up his next big scheme for changing the world, you can find him writing at Christ and Pop Culture and his own personal site,liter8.net. Go check out his site!

Hi, my name is Christopher Hutton, and I’m a wannabe teenage Rebelutionary.
If anyone remembers the Rebelution well, it was a very intelligent movement in the
mid-2000s onward to get boys and girls to move beyond “teenage expectations”,
and to change the world.
When I read a column from World Magazine founder Joel Belz about these boys,
I got so stoked.  I went out immediately and bought their book, I worked to
understand their philosophy, and I tried to serve others and be like them.  Alex and
Brett Harris were my heroes, and I wanted to be like them; to lead a movement and
take a place alongside them, where we had changed the world.
It was at this time that I started a lot of things.  I tried to start a podcast about films
from a Christian perspective.  I wrote a lot.  I inspired my youth pastor to read the
book and get others to do the same.  It was great, and fantastic, but  I wasn’t getting
results.  I wasn’t changing lives or anything like that.  I was just striving towards an
unattainable goal.
I wanted the fame and the opportunity to influence, but I wasn’t willing to do all the
work or to make the proper commitment.  But most notably; I wasn’t willing to be
I’d read biography after biography about Christians and young people who came
into roles of leadership.   And the one pattern I noticed about the good leaders?
They never sought it out; they simply were placed into it, and they had to respond
accordingly.  They were humble and kept focused on the task as it was.
Sadly, I never went through that process.  I stayed proud and zealous in my teen
years, always seeking that big success which would send me to the top of the
ideological charts.  But it never happened.  I wasn’t humble enough, I wasn’t
religious enough, and I certainly wasn’t social enough.  I just couldn’t be that
 As I look back, if I had ever had the chance to become that zealot, I worry that I
would ended up as a failed zealot, one who was too pulled into his project, that he
forgot about everything that matters; including his relationships, his friends, and the
actual purpose behind his work.   I would have done everything wrong, and be the
worse for wear.

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