Bikinis – the new power suit!

Looking for an outfit to wear to the shore this summer? Not sure how to be socially acceptable and evil all at once?

if this won’t cut it, read on for the latest development in swimwear!

Say goodbye to the days of being fashionably dressed and then slinking off in ugly clothes to play the harlot — today’s busy women of the world can be fashionable and destructive at the same time, by wearing the summer’s hottest multitasking beachwear!

bikinis – the latest evil!

Be comfortable at the beach while tearing apart the fabric of decency and morality in America!

Show your tanned curves while seducing every man within a mile radius!

guy in the background only pretending not to notice

Wear a swimsuit that actually fits while tearing apart marriages!

notice how all the men are fawning over this scantily clad beach babe

Expose your pale skin to the sun and soak up vitamin d while exposing young children to the horrors of skin!

Save money on a cute swimsuit while selling your soul for temporal pleasure!

these are like 8 bucks a piece.

You can do all of this just by wearing what women have worn on the beach for sixty years, and the beauty of the bikini is, it will never lose it’s power to shock and seduce because it isn’t like men could get accustomed to a swimsuit that existed before their fathers were born.

Bikinis – the new power suit for the licentious woman with a busy schedule.


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