Please don’t talk about hitting your girlfriend!

Just consider not hitting. Excellent post with some great links.

Waiting for Diamonds

I want you to try to imagine something for me:

You have a friend and you have had this friend since childhood. You went to the same school, and the same church and you went on family vacations together. You consider this person family by choice.

vector art, clip art, action, friends, happy, heart, hug, kids, people, school, valentine

The person has grown up into an individual who has some thoughts and opinions different than your own but you honestly value their friendship and genuinely like the friend and think they are a good person doing their best. He is usually funny, and hard-working and kind


Your friend thinks its OK to smack his girlfriend around when she pisses him off.

He doesn’t beat her black and blue, or make her bleed or break her bones of course. That would be obvious abuse. He just believes that it would be impossible to get his wife to pick up, and cook dinner, and…

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