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Due to madame migraine visiting me friday and extending her stay, I am unable to write a normal post.
For the record, I have light sensitive migraines that started when I did nanowrimo this past November. I take B complex vitamins to help and it works really well!
But if I ever skip two days, which I think I did from the holiday busy-ness, the migraine comes back. Can’t handle much computer today…

And without further ado, some of the things I most want to share that I’ve seen online:

A very serious short film about bullying and sexual preference. It reverses all the roles, but i almost wish it didn’t. I didn’t need it reverse to empathize with the little girl. trigger warning. it’s intense, if i was having a panicky day, I’d watch it later.

this post made me angry, but not at the writer. At the pro-lifers who don’t seem to care about women as much as about their scruples. When Protecting Scruples Comes Before Women’s Health

Phillips thinks women should have to face a medical situation that is extremely dangerous to their health rather than take the pregnancy-ending drugs or have a surgery to prevent possible rupture, even though the end result for the embryo or fetus is the same.

a good one from Defeating the Dragons: when I actually am worried about being nice (the sort of sequel to this post)

So, when I encounter someone who seems to have given up, to have surrendered to the concept that they are a victim, I have to remind myself that what looks like “giving up” to me might be fighting tooth and nail for them. I’m not them, and I have no right, no place, to judge– because I know. I’ve been there. I’ve been the person who people look at and tut-tut and shake their head. I’ve been on the receiving end of helpful advice where well-meaning people tell me to “not have a victim complex.”

I really like reading The Friendly Athiest, and I like the videos he posts. This one, by Dale McGowan on raising freethinkers was really enlightening and thought provoking (the second half of the video is a Q&A session so it isn’t as long as it looks. Worth a watch if you are striving to raise kids who think for themselves.)

Commandments of Men criticizes The American Jesus (the concept, not the blogger), and i was nodding in agreement the whole time. Jesus has been coopted for a political stance and it bothered me when i was a christian, and it bothers me now.

We’ve apparently cornered the market on Jesus in this country. We’ve turned him into a flag-waving (flag-wearing, as the photo shows), gun-toting, GOP-voting conservative Republican Tea-Partier who believes in State’s Rights, no taxes, deregulation, who hates Obama, and who makes sure the gays know how sinful they are. We’ve made him the whitest Jew on the planet.

And here’s something funny – Convos with my two year old. There’s a whole series, I love it 😀   This is the first, but episode three is probably my favorite. Notice the cookie at the end of that one – it looks like it has a bite out of it. i like to imagine it was the dad’s cookie 🙂

I hope I’ll be back to my normal non-migraine self in time to write a post for wednesday. I’m planning to begin a new series and open up for guest posts. I’ll give a little hint if anyone wants to start thinking about writing something – it’s about teen advocates (no title yet if anyone has an idea) – people who advocated for politics, wrote magazines or blogs, or spoke to peers or elders while they were young, it can be positive or negative but i’m mostly looking for people who have since changed views either a little or a lot. use the contact page if you’re interested in guest posting 🙂

Have you written or read/heard/watched anything great lately?  share a link in the comments!


One thought on “things i liked online

  1. Ahab

    The first time I watched the Convos with my Two Year Old series, I laughed out loud. “You can’t talk to her! She’s the princess.”


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