I am going to make pico de gallo for fathers day, all from my own garden! (well, except the dash of sugar, oil, and lemon juice).

Onions, jalapenos, cilantro, and tomato – all from my garden! assuming the tomatoes redden in time, that is.

I am so very excited.
I’ve never had a productive garden before, but this year it is growing like wild.

I planted earlier this year, but I think the biggest difference is that I fed the plants.
I got minerals for peppers, for tomatoes, and then a bag of plant food for vegetable gardens in general.
Plus we water a ton when it doesn’t rain.

‘unnatural’ plant food goes against my grain, but this year it means the difference between a few tiny tomatoes and hundreds of growing tomatoes.

Just one more thing to make me realize how helpful ‘unnatural’ extras can be in life. Kind of like medicines 🙂
If natural methods work for your garden or life, great! If not, go for the less natural and be thankful for science and stores 🙂


(My very first picked produce, sans an eaten tomato)


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