It’s dangerous to go alone – a call to analytical gamers.

I haven’t played Zelda since the very frustrating gameboy game that i shared with my brothers. I had a rough time with it. But i watched cousins play games on newer consoles at family reunions and it looks awesome. i’ll be buying something to play on the wii – probably an older game, with a classic style wii controller. I’d like ocarina of time, having heard excellent things about it, but am open to suggestions.
Have you played zelda? Will you participate in the Zeldathon?
do you have a video game that has helped you during depression? (for me, it’s Lego Harry Potter and Lego LOTR.)


2 thoughts on “It’s dangerous to go alone – a call to analytical gamers.

  1. Amy

    I’ve never played Zelda, but after all the discussion started, I think I’m going to get one of the versions for my son, who is an avid gamer. As for me, I like just about any kind of racing game (and I like to win!). My all-time favorite 2 games are both Playstation: Pac-Man World and SSX Tricky (which is actually PS2). Before having kids, I played those endlessly. I’ve played a few times since, but my son always beats me now. Ha!

    1. lanamhobbs Post author

      The game is awesome, but I’m really bad at the joystick. Have trouble going where I want to go when precision is required. Also my 3yo was watching me play and crying because it was very important – to him- that I cross a certain bridge. Frustrating! But I really enjoy watching Luke play and suggesting ways to accomplish things. I’ll give it a little more time myself though.


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