a ‘housekeeping’ post

i think i’m ready to get more professional and have regular, scheduled posts. I’m gonna shoot for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, with possible extras like reactions, reblogs or ‘see me guest posting here’ in between. I might not be able to keep up that schedule, and instead just do monday and friday, but we’ll see. 
next installment on the Mental Health – from Shame to Seeking Help will come friday. Some of it is emotionally difficult to write, but i think i can do it. 

Are you a blogger, if so, do you prefer to post on specific days? What days do you get more traffic?

2 thoughts on “a ‘housekeeping’ post

    1. lanamhobbs Post author

      Thanks for the input!
      I do plan to write ahead, but I doubt I could keep up with a post daily right now. I’d like to get there, though.
      My blog traffic (is of course very small) seems to depend in how many comments/pingbacks I make on big blogs like love joy feminism, more than anything….


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