Christians, stop the prayer pushing evangelizing

Seriously, don’t do this:

When the optometrist told me that I wasn’t taking Jesus seriously enough, I nodded numbly, years of silent accommodation informing me. He told me hell wasn’t something to be taken lightly. He never bothered to ask me if I believed in hell; I don’t.

When he asked me if I wanted to pray for forgiveness for owning a bag that depicted hell, I must have choked out a scared noise that he took for assent. One of the technicians locked the door, and they all pulled their rolling chairs close around me.

This is creepy, and abuse of the power of a doctor-patient relationshio, and not a loving way to talk about Jesus or to treat people. I don’t think anyone should ever be pushed or guilted into saying a prayer.
I can just imagine the optometrist sharing this story at church as a triumph for god, another soul saved, praise the Lord.

but the reality is a woman turned off from christianity after being trapped in frightening situation by people who claimed to care about her soul, but showed no care for her as a person.

You can’t separate the soul from the person. to act like the soul is all that matters is a gnostic view of life and christianity.
you need to love the whole person – body, mind, emotions – apart from what that person believes about God.
I am a questioning post-christian. When I feel like people are saying and doing things just to make me ‘return to the truth’, i get very upset. I want to be loved and liked as a person, we all do.
you can’t tell someone to pray to jesus and have life, and then leave them hungry, empty, hurting, or lonely. you can’t put the rest of their problems on hold while you try to bring them in, or back into, the fold.
in Christianity, i have been judged, condemned, criticized, and told to conform with all sorts of rules extrapolated from the bible, all with the view of making sure my soul is right with god. But you can’t separate a soul out from a person (if indeed the soul even exists). The whole person matters.
the whole person needs fed, loved, educated, and befriended. praying for my soul and neglecting me as an entire hurting but funny, kind, very complex person is… Frankly, it’s insulting and hurtful and a huge turnoff to your ‘loving’ god.

And it isn’t what Jesus was like.

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