Carry on Warrior

When we write, we share something of us on paper. We share our memories, our thoughts, our minds. Sometimes we are very brave and share our hearts.

Glennon Melton – i usually refer to her in my mind as the Momastery Lady, is very brave – and funny and thoughtful and like me but not like me at all, and i held a part of her beautiful heart in my hands this week, as I read her very beautiful book.
i took a bridge into the mind of someone who’s view of God is not like anyone I knew growing up, and not like mine now at all. But her book (and her views of god) are not just about god – but also love, and beauty, and hope, and learning how to open up and experience all of this ‘brutiful’ life.

Thanks for being brave, Momastery Lady. thanks for sharing love and the truth that none of us is completely ‘okay’. and that’s okay.

P.S. i like your paper bag idea.

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