Some days I have a mind full of emotions and thoughts, but when I try to express them, I find that every other sentence ends in sputtering and the word ‘blargh’.
This especially happens when I am angry, frustrated, sad, or otherwise upset.
I have been doing a lot of blarghing lately.
‘I mean, just, why! I, they, ugh, blargh! But no, um, I don’t know what I’m trying to say just uh, blargh blargh blargh!’
I’ve been writing privately to sort through my thoughts. Behind the stuttering and intense feelings there are some good rational thoughts I just feel like my brain has been all fogged up.
I wondered aloud to my husband if there was anyone called ‘The Blargher’. Because that could be a fun blog name. My 3 year old retorted angrily while pointing ‘no, mom, that’s a Red Truck!’
And he was pointing at a red truck, but wasn’t really what I was talking about.

And now I must stop writing about having nothing to say, because the same three year old would like me to throw fistfuls of clean tissues at him, as a snowball fight.
My life is rather strange sometimes. And there are tissues everywhere.


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