in which i reveal i need a calendar

I saw this post yesterday, about athiest bloggers and thinkinger being persecuted in other nations. Today, there were going to be protests against it. As the writer said, it’s not just an athiest issue, it’s a human rights issue. Surely even my die-hard christian friends agree that no one should have their throat cut for what they believe or don’t believe about god?

This morning i read tweets from athiests and Β i was overjoyed to read, at basically the same time, some Christians’ twitter and facebook feeds about praying for the persecuted and thought, ‘perhaps they are standing in solidarity with athiests, how nice’. I wasn’t sure what else to put it together with, and honestly the thought that my very conservative friends cared about athiests lives (and not just their souls) was heart warming.

Then I scrolled down some more and realized that in addition to being the day of reason, today is also the national day of prayer.

oh. right. that’s what the tweets about prayer were about… (i am so out of the loop right now.)
that’s okay, i just had my hopes up for a minute that people were being sympathetic to people they disagreed with.

Well, go on with the praying and the reasoning everybody. I’ll just be over here eating chocolates. by myself. Reasonably. And prayerfully (and carefully) because i am trying to eat around the nuts… I don’t mean that metaphorically, i mean there are almonds in this candy bar and i’m allergic. But heck, if you see a brilliant metaphorical meaning there, then you’re welcome to think i’m a literary genius.

Whether you celebrate the day of prayer, the day of reason, or the thursday of my birthweek (it is today, dontcha know), I hope you have a wonderful day πŸ˜€

P.S. Actually today is also the 15th anniversary of the day Voldemort was defeated, the Battle of Hogwarts was won, and the Second Wizarding War was ended.
Butterbeers all around!

5 thoughts on “in which i reveal i need a calendar

    1. lanamhobbs Post author

      Haha, I wish I weren’t allergic πŸ™‚ I had to give up on my candy bar πŸ™‚ (it was a present from a friend who probably didn’t realize it had nuts in it. That or she was trying to poison me, lol)
      Thank you for sharing that post. I agree that it would be impossible to prove god exists, although I believe that Christians who believe this would do well to not try to argue people into the faith, I think from your post you would agree with me on that.
      however, many Christians would not and try to both argue that god is real while getting angry when the burden of proof is placed on them. I used to be this way, but now it is very frustrating to me that people will argue and argue, and then point out that in order for their arguments to be acceptable, you have to already believe in god. I wish people would just be upfront that they cannot prove god or Christianity, and that god himself has to do it.


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