The Great and Perilous Day of Judgment

And lo when they stand before the throne in the great and perilous day of judgment, the judge will separate  them, and to those on his left he will say, you did not spank your children. You did not punish them for throwing a fit when you were at walmart.

And they will reply, ‘but my children were exhausted and we were out too late so I showed understanding’

But he will say to them ‘ I wanted you to teach holiness and provide a witness of perfection. Depart from me for I love you but do not like you right now never knew you.

 And he will say ‘you showed leniency in forcing people to conform to scripture. You accepted homosexuals, and those with gender confusion. You supported those seeking unholy matrimony and put red equals signs on your web pages. Do you not know that to  identify with those who do wrong is as the sin of eating with tax collectors and prostitutes?’

Then he will say, ‘Depart from me for I never knew you.’

And to others he will say, ‘you did not push little children to forgive their abusers immediately and face-to-face. It would be better for you to have a millstone hung around your neck than to allow any little one to delay in forgiving his molestor. Depart from me you stumbling stones’

And they will say ‘But, Lord, we believed in you and followed you”

But he will say, “if you did these things, obviously you were not truly mine”.
And they will depart and burn in Hades forever for their evil deeds.

If anyone does not condemn these sins, he too deserves the fires of hell.


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