random bits

I have a nice long list of post ideas,
I’m working on it right now. instead of, you know, actually writing something.

But one day i’ll have a ton of brilliant posts up 😉

For now here are a few random things:

Imagethe boys new favorite book. It’s really adorable. I am, however, a little peeved that the book was inspired by the author’s daughter, and yet the young train lover in the book is a boy. I mean, my train lovers are boys, but it wouldn’t hurt them to see a girl loving trains.

On a similar subject, my 3 year old has pink polished fingernails and toes. People might look at him funny but ‘I ain’t even bovvered’. Seriously, I guess i’m making a statement by going against the grain, but it’s more that i don’t see any reason to say no. this kid sees his dad get dressed in fairly boring clothes (sorry dear, but the range of color and accessories in your wardrobe is small), while I wear nail polish, makeup, hair gel, headbands, tons of different shoes, earrings, necklaces, and dresses in many colors. I mean not all the time, but those are options for me. Of course the colors and sparkly accessories appeal to the kid. why should a girl get to wear nail polish and not him? When he asks to wear makeup i tell him ‘not until you’re 14’. I’d tell a girl that too, i think. Luke laughs. I am rather liberal for letting my kid wear nail polish but i do secretly hope by the time he’s a teen, he’ll grow out of wanting to wear mascara. Not that he’ll need it; he has his daddy’s eyelashes.

I took a personality test today. Myers-Briggs types, i think they’re called.  I tested INTJ, but the T (for thinking, over feeling) is just barely a T. The breakdown for that one was 1% difference from P. So that explains why i don’t identify with some aspects of the INTJ personality type. Although i consistently test for INTJ, I feel and think deeply. I’m very analytical, sometimes too much if that’s possible, but i also have very strong emotions. I don’t find the two mutually exclusive, although I suppose many people tend to be much more one than the other, either thinking or feeling. It just doesn’t fit me to try to pick which of those i am. I’m both. An INTJ is a ‘scientist’ type, but i think i could be a scientist artist. not that I know what that is, but it sounds cool. I think it means I can explain how plants work in detail, but make it so a child can understand and we both marvel. When i get to be truly me with people who appreciate my sort of strange personality (frequently children), I really enjoy being myself.

I took the test trying to answer like Luke might answer, too. I’ll post about that after i see the results he got for himself.
you can take the test here: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp

Learn more about your type here: http://www.personalitypage.com/html/portraits.html

here’s a picture book, maybe somewhat fictionalize biography that i read recently and it made me cry. it’s a really beautiful story about how a talented woman, far from home, came out of her famous husbands shadow and found her voice. empowering.


(also, please note i have figured out how to add photos from the web now, i am very proud. I’m still figuring wordpress out, although i’m doing it slowly, it’s not that difficult to use.)

Here is something to be angry about: HSLDA and child abuse. man, as a kid, they sure had me scared to death of CPS, claiming they call anything abuse and take kids away. Even now, when one of my boys falls and hurts himself, i feel a twinge of terror that has nothing to do with the pain he’s feeling or possible injury. Libby Anne’s series about HSLDA and child abuse exposed the lengths the organization goes to to keep parents afraid of CPS and make child abuse investigations as limited as possible.

this series on what fundamentalism is and means has been very interesting, i need to read the other posts more closely, but this one about what Christian fundamentalism means to us was very interesting. It’s good to remember that people have different things in mind when using the same word, and that people have different feelings about a single concept, based on their experiences.

Oh yeah, today is my father in law’s birthday and my brother’s birthday. I gotta get the boys dressed in non-muddy clothes soon, for my big bro’s birthday dinner. April is a huge birthday month for our families.


(btw, people always have disclaimers when they link to products, my ‘disclaimer’ is that i never have affiliate links, although I might someday.)

Okay that’s all. Any good books or thought provoking articles you have read lately? anything on your mind? What’s your personality type, or does the Myers-Briggs classification not fit you that well either?

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