Luke, sitting at the computer: “Teenage boys…. Teenage boys are so dumb.”

Me: “reading some of your old stuff, huh?”

Luke: *sigh* “yes”

… He is braver than me. I don’t even want to look at my old stuff. We wrote a little christian magazine together (it was called “Call To Battle” – i was proud of that name, came up with it myself!). The intended audience was other homeschooled teenagers but i think it was mostly read by our grandparents and parents of our friends, although we did have several teen readers. We had a few readers and writers across the country, even. The experience was good (and we two co-editors got married afterwards!), but the theology was questionable, the values not the same as the ones we hold today, and the writing is probably embarrassing to look back on. But I really don’t even want to look back at it. Maybe someday I’ll have the distance he seems to have in his mind, to view my past self as almost a different person.


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