on taking a break and being angry

I’ve been reading more about rape culture, the problems with purity culture, the prevalence of spiritual abuse – and how these things are all connected… And of course when you start learning about something, you also start noticing other things you never paid attention to before, it’s a weird observation bias. When i scroll down my facebook feed, or glance through comment sections on blogs or comics or anything, i notice the mocking way conservatives put ‘rape culture’ in quotes – as if it’s a feminist lie. I see the way people talk about spiritual abuse as though it’s very rare and exaggerated, and only an excuse for sinners to leave the church because they can’t handle the demands of being ‘obedient and holy’ (because all that stuff about Jesus’ burden being light was just symbolism??). When I allude to a very deep hurt and a close friend says ‘just forgive’ like if i just slap on a nice coat of forgiveness, then it will make everything okay…. (actually the ‘just forgive’ is much more likely to trigger a panic attack, as it opens wounds by the very act of denying them)
But spiritual abuse, manipulation, and rape culture are all very real, and people really don’t understand the damage they do when they deny these things. And people really don’t understand the problems purity culture causes for the women who listen so desperately hoping they can work their way into a perfect future…

2 thoughts on “on taking a break and being angry

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